Kylie Jenner Becomes Youngest 'Self-Made' Billionaire at 21 Years Old

Diljit Dosanjh celebrates Kylie Jenner's title of world's youngest ever self-made billionaire in his own style – view pic

Kylie Jenner Is Officially the World's Youngest Billionaire!

The Kardashian-Jenner family name, plus her reality star status, let her buy a $2.7 million home in Calabasas, California when she was just 17 years old, TMZ reported. This year's list also saw RIL Chairman Mukesh Ambani make it to the top 10 for the first time. If you have a dream, do everything you can to make it happen - you never know where you'll end up, or how much money you'll make. Her company's net worth is at least $900 million.

Kylie Jenner ranks a 7, which means she qualifies as someone "who got a head start from wealthy parents and moneyed background", Forbes reported.

Kylie Jenner might be unlucky in friendship, but she sure is lucky in business.

So is Kylie Jenner self-made? Besides, it's the title Mark Zuckerberg got at 23 and his story isn't almost as glamorous as Kylie's. Kylie reportedly owns 100 percent of Kylie Cosmetics, which happens to be her very own cosmetic range.

Most of the brand's marketing is done through social media - where the brunette announces product launches, previews new items and tells fans which shades she's wearing each day - to her 175 million-plus fan base across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and Kylie believes it's been essential to her success.

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The cosmetics brand that Kylie Jenner started off in 2015 has been doing pretty well we take it, from the cool $360 billion it made in just the previous year. Her lip kits were selling like hot cakes the moment it hit the market and she's been flying high ever since.

"The self-made thing is true", she said.

Marketing is carried out through social media, primarily dependent on Ms Jenner's enormous following.

"Her money she made on the show that she put into her company, seems self made to me", said Gen.G content creator AvaGG. She admitted in May 2015 to having temporary lip fillers, and the business instincts she inherited from her mother kicked in. They sold out in minutes.

Jenner, whose net worth is estimated at one billion USA dollars (£761 million), has appeared on Forbes' billionaires list for the first time, ranked at number 2,057 overall. As per the global outlet, Kylie Cosmetics earned about $360 million in sales past year alone.

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