R. Kelly back in custody after child support hearing today

Joycelyn Savage speaks with family for the first time in years after interview	 	 	 			Azriel Clary Joycelyn Savage

Joycelyn Savage speaks with family for the first time in years after interview Azriel Clary Joycelyn Savage

Just hours after a heated interview aired on CBS where musician R. Kelly declared his innocence on charges of sexual abuse, he was back in custody on Wednesday for failing to pay child support.

Cook County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Sophia Ansari says Kelly was taken into custody and will be transferred to the county jail. Additionally, a judge ordered he pay $161,663 by Wednesday in order to avoid being held in contempt of court.

Below please find a further statement from my clients Alice and Angelo Clary in response to the R. Kelly interview.

In their joint interview, Savage and Clary insisted they're both in consensual relationships with Kelly and are completely happy living with him. By turns belligerent, tearful and relatively calm, he also asserted that the women who have accused him are chasing money and fame of their own. King's remarkable composure is not likely to help Kelly much, though. In narrated commentary, King said the singer became outwardly emotional several times.

After Kelly's interview aired, her parents held a press conference saying they were "disturbed" by his comments.

Detroit police said they are aware of the allegations. And y'all trying to kill me? "I gave you 30 years of my f-ing career!" This thing's not about music.

The 52-year-old has denied any wrongdoing and says his accusers are lying.

Last month, a Cook County judge issued an order that would send Kelly to jail if he didn't pay the $161,663 he owes his ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, by 10 a.m. Wednesday.

"Everybody says something bad about me".

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In the course of speaking with King, Kelly made a startling new accusation.

A 23-year-old woman described by R. Kelly as one of his girlfriends has told her family that she is "happy" with the embattled R&B artist.

The interview with CBS This Morning' was Kelly's first since he was charged. He also intimated that the parents had received some kind of compensation from him.

In a follow-up tweet, Avenatti addressed the emotion that Kelly shows in the interview: "R. Kelly's tears are out of fear and despair".

Although it's 100% evident, R. Kelly did not pay his way to freedom.

"We never "sold" our daughter to him or anyone else. R. Kelly is a desperate liar and serial abuser of young girls who should die in prison".

Kelly met the latter when she was only 17 years old back in 2015 at a concert of his.

Kelly, out on bail following his February 22 arrest in Chicago, said he has done "lots of things wrong" when it comes to women, but said he has apologized.

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