UK Parliament Narrowly Rejects Holding Second Brexit Referendum

Theresa May suffers second Brexit vote defeat

The Brexit Chaos Just Got Even Worse After A Key Vote Failed In Parliament

MPs will attempt to put forward alternatives through amendments to Thursday's vote, including one calling for a new referendum on Britain's European Union membership, although this is not expected to pass. Does it want to hold a second referendum?

"Clearly he has difficulties with the issue despite the support of Labour MPs and Labour voters". The EU-Canada free trade deal (CETA) took seven years to put together and is seen as one of the most successful recent trade deals.

Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament's lead Brexit spokesman, said in a tweet there was "no reason at all" for the European Council to agree to a delay "unless there is a clear majority in the House of Commons for something precise".

After Wednesday's vote, they said that while it was one thing for the British government to reject a so-called no-deal exit, at some point it would have to figure out the alternative, a deal that could actually pass.

"We have to know, what is the intention of the British parliament?" "Asking for a short extension is simply pre-programming no-deal Brexit for the summer".

"Voting against leaving without a deal and for an extension does not solve the problems we face", May said.

Dixon expects that most MPs are against the idea of a second referendum, according to opinion polling data, with it the least likely option moving forward.

Which amendments have been rejected?

"But, we'll be bringing it back next week".

Lawmakers voted against an amendment proposing a second Brexit referendum - although many Labour MPs abstained because referendum campaigners argued that the time wasn't yet ripe for this vote to succeed.

In a surprise move, the Commons voted 312 to 308 - a majority of four - in favour of the proposal tabled by former Conservative chairman Dame Caroline Spelman.

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He added: "I will continue to exercise patience and calm and to remain respectful of the United Kingdom and its people and of its legislative and parliamentary procedures".

However, she was torpedoed by legal advice from her Attorney General Geoffrey Cox, who said the changes would not allow Britain to leave the backstop of its own accord, raising fears that the country would be stuck in an indefinite customs union with the EU.

How did your MP vote on previous Brexit debates?

"But The Independent Group will not give up".

The EU has also warned that Parliament voting against no-deal Brexit isn't enough to stop it.

"We'll keep holding the Government to account and providing the real opposition our country needs".

Since then, the value of the British pound has plummeted, and companies have begun making contingency plans for a post-Brexit world in which European workers can not easily move to Britain, tariffs might be resurrected and trade becomes harder.

"There will be no third chance", European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Monday.

Trump has previously said that UK prime minister Theresa May's Brexit withdrawal deal "sounds like a great deal for the EU" and could harm UK-US trading relations.

MPs voted on Wednesday to rule out a no-deal Brexit under any circumstances by 321 votes to 278. Talks are ongoing with her DUP allies, who have 10 MPs, while Brexit hardliners - amounting about 68 MPs - show signs of splitting.

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