EU must increase pressure on Britain over Brexit - EU's Verhofstadt

British PM May walks outside Downing Street in London

Brexit: Second referendum, Article 50 delay, amendments and everything else that could happen tonight

A senior European Union official is floating the possibility of a two-step delay to Britain's departure from the bloc, now scheduled for March 29.

Remarkably, May - after two massive, historic defeats on the defining legislation of her government - has a glimmer of hope of victory next week.

Looking at their intended trajectory and where the legal and constitutional buffers are, it is becoming clearer by the day that our politicians are no longer in the mood to play within time-honoured rules and deliver for the people of the UK. The Prime Minister also accuses Corbyn of "betraying the will of the British people and ignore the biggest democratic vote in our nation's history".

To be sure, May's premiership is still hanging by a thread.

Following meetings with several Cabinet ministers, the DUP's Westminster leader said talks had been "constructive" and would continue through the weekend.

If her European Union divorce deal is approved, May will seek a delay until June 30 to give time for Parliament to pass the legislation needed for Britain's European Union exit.

DUP MPs and Tory Brexiters are being warned by whips that rejecting May's deal a third time will lead to a big delay and a softer Brexit, nearly certainly including a permanent customs union with the EU.

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If the third vote is lost things become more complicated.

Selmayr also raised his doubts that May would be precise in her request, adding "she never has been before".

The UK Parliament turned down May's Brexit deal with Brussels in January, mainly due to differences over how trade would proceed between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Any delay will require the agreement of all other 27 European Union members, with talks about possible conditions for an extension to take place before next week's European Union summit, which begins on Thursday. The government is in last-minute talks to win over key allies, and there were signs Friday of progress.

"Although a no-deal exit was voted down, we can not predict what will happen because it depends on how negotiations with the European Union will go, We will have to watch developments closely", Aso said.

There is some controversy about the third "meaningful vote", given that, ordinarily, parliament would not be able to vote on the same thing a couple of times. "What it does is precisely what the word delay says, it just delays the point in which we come to that decision", remarked May at a news conference. "We know that is bad for the whole of the United Kingdom and we want to make sure that we get there". On Saturday a rival "March to Leave", which will arrive in London on 29 March set off from Sunderland. Options include a long delay, exiting with Mrs May's deal, leaving without a deal or even another referendum. All 27 leaders must unanimously agree. And they oppose the present deal, while Ms. "Everyone else has lost faith in her ability to lead".

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