Gun shop says Christchurch suspect bought weapons online

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Owing to the raids at two houses, the gunman's mother and sister have been moved to a safe house by the police.

They are in custody and those matters are now before the court. We're a club, we do our things but, nah, that's just wrong in every way possible, ' one said.

The mother lives in the New South Wales town of Lawrence and the sister in Sandy Beach.

The man accused of mass shootings at mosques in New Zealand has fired his lawyer and plans to represent himself in court, leading to speculation that he might try to use his trial as a platform for extremist views.

New Zealand is now on a state of high alert after Tarrant, who is believed to have lived in Dunedin, killed 50 people in the Al Noor and the Linwood mosques in Christchurch.

Alleged gunman Brenton Tarrant was arrested on the side of the road by officers who had just undergone training on how to deal with armed offenders.

Facebook's tweet reveals, "In the first 24 hours we removed 1.5 million videos of the attack globally, of which over 1.2 million were blocked at upload..."

"That doesn't mean there weren't possibly people in support and that is to form an important part of our investigation".

Ardern also vowed to tighten New Zealand's gun laws, making it a priority for her government.

"We believe absolutely there was only one attacker responsible for this", he said.

Australia is making public grants available to help places of worship bolster security after an Australian white supremacist was accused of a terror attack in New Zealand.

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Australia's prime minister Scott Morrison has since confirmed that one of those arrested was an Australian citizen. The gunman then walks back into the mosque, where there are at least two dozen people lying on the ground.

Morrison says religious freedom has to start with the right to worship and meet safely without fear of violence.

Ardern noted that attempts to reform had failed before under pressure from the gun lobby.

Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said Tarrant, 28, travelled "extensively through many countries both in Europe and Asia and around Australia", including a visit to WA six years ago. He said there would be no burials on Monday.

The counterterrorism officials then stormed a second house at Lawrence, a bit farther north and close to Grafton, where Tarrant grew up.

At a news conference, "Gun City" owner David Tipple said the store sold four guns and ammunition to suspect Brenton Harrison Tarrant through a "police-verified online mail order process".

The Port Arthur massacre was when a young man with semi-automatic rifles, similar, it appears, to the weapons this guy used in New Zealand, killed 35 people in one day.

Greg Robertson, head of surgery at Christchurch Hospital said staff were used to gunshots and other severe injuries, but the scale and nature of the attacks was different.

Of the 3.9 million New Zealanders old enough to own guns, around 6 percent have a firearm license - compared to three in 10 American adults who said they owned a gun in 2017.

At a Sunday news conference, Arden used some of her strongest language yet about gun control, saying that laws need to change and "they will change".

"It's good for the world to see what's happened because people around the world, they thought we were terrorists because some stupid people, they said they are Muslims, they go and kill innocent people, they thought we are terrorists", said Abulaban who emigrated to New Zealand from Jordan 17 years ago. Is he in a fridge?

The prime minister said the bodies of those who died are being returned to their families and expects all of the deceased will be reunited with their loved ones by Wednesday.

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