Brexit: The same deal can not be resubmitted to a vote

John Bercow

Speaker of the House John Bercow Credit REUTERS TV REUTERS

She will need to convince the DUP and Conservative Brexiteers to back her, if she is secure a win. They are likely to rub our great Nation's face in the proverbial by demanding a very long extension, perhaps up to two years and therefore the anti-democratic denouement of this Brexit stitch-up will be complete.

"Well, it's either one or the other, isn't it?"

FRANCE'S Europe minister is said to have named her cat Brexit - because he is indecisive and reluctant to leave.

He told reporters in Brussels: "If there is going to be a request for a long extension of Article 50 by the United Kingdom then there will need to be a very persuasive plan to go with that to explain why that's needed and how they will use the time to conclude the outstanding issues that haven't been able to be agreed in London in the context of the Brexit process". May's minority government, had also been rethinking their opposition to the agreement.

But May's spokesman insisted her priority was to continue to try to win over MPs to her deal: "The prime minister has set out that she believes that the deal she has secured from the European Union is a good one, and that it is the best deal available, and she continues to work on finding a way for parliament to pass that deal, so that we can get on with leaving the European Union as quickly as possible".

The prime minister had hoped to have another try at getting MPs to back the withdrawal deal she has agreed with the European Union this week - but Speaker John Bercow effectively torpedoed that with his surprise intervention on Monday.

Under House of Commons rules, the Government must table a motion by the close of business on Tuesday if a vote is to be held before the Prime Minister goes to the summit in Brussels.

Without a deal in place, the prime minister will probably have to request a lengthy delay.

Nevertheless, there was said to be concern among some ministers that Brexit appeared to be slipping away.

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Ms Kuenssberg reported that House of Commons leader Andrea Leadsom criticised her colleagues in the Cabinet, saying it is now a "Remain Cabinet", not a "Brexit Cabinet".

But Mr Bercow's ruling could make that plan impossible, unless Mrs May is able to negotiate some change to her deal before presenting it once more to MPs.

The prime minister's official spokesman said on Tuesday: "If you were to look back to the speech which the prime minister gave just before Meaningful Vote 2, she said that if MPs did not support Meaningful Vote 2, we would be in a crisis".

If the Brexit deal was approved, May had planned to ask the bloc for an extension until June 30 in order for Parliament to pass the necessary legislation for Britain's departure. May's deal was defeated by 230 votes in January and then by 149 votes on 12 March.

Neither side would reveal what was discussed.

"This is a question for the British authorities".

Earlier, the SNP's leader at Westminster, Ian Blackford, with Lib Dem leader Vince Cable, Plaid Cymru's Westminster leader Liz Saville Roberts and Green Party MP Caroline Lucas released a joint statement calling for another referendum.

They said that the 27 national leaders would not necessarily need to meet physically to approve any such request, if it came from London, as it could be done through a written procedure.

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