Netanyahu vows more Israeli settlements after attack kills 2

At least 1 Israeli killed & 2 wounded in Palestinian attack in occupied West Bank

Palestinian kills Israeli soldier in West Bank

He then hijacked a auto, driving it to another nearby junction where he shot a second soldier before continuing on to a nearby Palestinian village.

The centrist Blue and White alliance criticized Netanyahu's camp for what it said was the politicization of Sunday's attack, which killed a 19-year-old soldier and a rabbi.

The dailies reported that Israeli settlers stepped up their attacks against Palestinians to the south and west of Nablus, throwing rocks at Palestinian vehicles driving on roads near settlements in the area.

"With grief and deep sorrow, the Ettinger family announces the passing of the saintly Rabbi Achiad Ettinger who sacrificed himself for the sanctification of God in the hands of a lowly murderer during a terror attack in which Achiad displayed daring, spiritual might, and great courage, while shooting the despicable terrorist". The army confirmed later that the dead Israeli was a soldier, Staff Sgt. Gal Keidan.

Palestinian attacks against Israeli soldiers and settlers occur sporadically in the West Bank, under Israeli occupation since the 1967 Six-Day War, but Sunday's came amid the final weeks of the electoral campaign. He was the head of a religious seminary in Tel Aviv.

More than 260 Palestinians have also been killed over the same period.

New Zealand government to announce gun reforms within 10 days
When the horror began Friday morning in New Zealand, alleged shooter Brentan Tarrant's Facebook followers were the first to know. Gun licences can be obtained starting at 16 years of age . "You can surrender your gun to the police at any time".

She said: "Time and time again, Tibi and his group insist on proving to everyone that they are not really worthy of being members of the Israeli Knesset, they are a Trojan horse who seek the end of the State of Israel".

In an apparent attempt to portray the Palestinian Authority (PA) as opposing terror attacks on Israelis, a pro-Hamas website called Palestine Now claimed that official PA spokesman Adnan Al-Damiri characterized as "criminal" the attack launched on Sunday in Ariel that claimed the lives of two Israelis.

From there, the attacker drove to the Palestinian village of Bruqin, abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot, Col Conricus said. Troops went house to house to search for the gunman and the military said it had surveyed the suspect's home for demolition - a longstanding Israeli tactic that it argues is to deter attacks.

He also pledged security forces would track down the attacker in addition to his vow the assailant's home would be demolished, a policy regularly carried out by Israel. Gantz accused Regev of using Israeli deaths for "political propaganda".

The compound in Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem is the third-holiest site in Islam and a focus of Palestinian aspirations for statehood.

Last week, Hamas fired a pair of missiles from Gaza toward the Israeli city of Tel Aviv in a rare attack into the heart of Israel that looked to set the sides into another round of escalation.

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