Draymond Green Tweeted His Thoughts On Tom Izzo’s Meltdown Towards Aaron Henry

NCAA Basketball       Watch Tom Izzo goes unhinged on freshman
       	        By Michael Dixon

NCAA Basketball Watch Tom Izzo goes unhinged on freshman By Michael Dixon

Video from the game shows Izzo storming onto the court during a timeout and shouting at Henry.

On Thursday afternoon, Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo received both criticism and acclaim for the way he dealt with a Spartans player.

But after the players huddled up around Izzo moments later, the coach became enraged with Henry all over, only this time it took several players to contain him.

"To me it was ridiculous the way it blew up, " Izzo said Friday, a day before the Spartans' second-round game against Minnesota.

Others also defended Izzo, including ESPN college basketball expert Seth Greenberg.

Henry explained that he wasn't phased by what Izzo had to say. And he'll continue to be the same coach as he tries to make that happened.

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First, the veteran coach walked to Henry and pointed a finger nearly directly into Henry's chest, before Henry's teammate Cassius Winston separated the coach and player.

Following the game, Henry was asked about getting yelled at by Izzo and his answer was flawless. That's why they get to the Final Four. "I was so disappointed to hear all these jackasses on other networks complaining about a coach coaching his team".

"This is one-and-done time".

Henry, too, soaked up the coaching and didn't think much of the outburst after the game.

"It's nothing new, it's just responding to it, accepting the coaching, not having a pity party for yourself, just being a basketball player and go respond", Henry told the Detroit News. "And they definitely don't understand where Tom Izzo is coming from and what he's done, how he does it and how it works".

To add insult to injury, Michigan State didn't even get the top #2 seed as Tennessee even though the Vols did not win their conference regular season title or the SEC conference tournament title, was awarded the top #2 seed.

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