Android Q Beta 2 Released With ‘Bubbles’ Feature For Multitasking

Google Pixel 2 officially discontinued - news

The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are now officially out of stock

Now, it looks like the search giant will soon make it easier to share images via third-party apps by giving them options to create links and share images in different file sizes.

At the core of numerous complaints has been Google's post-inclusion vetting. Earlier, if the app needed to store files, it had to ask for permission from the user. To put things into perspective, the Google Play Protect scans over 50 billion apps daily in order to tackle such harmful apps from infiltrating on the Android ecosystem. The apps affected have already been downloaded more than 150 million times.

As per the security bulletin, excluding fixing the above the Pixel phones and tablets get several key improvements and fixes. The company has apparently decided that the old flagships have had enough time in the spotlight, and have now removed the phones from their official online store.

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Since adware made up 55% of PHA installs in 2018, the number of malicious installs for 2018 would actually be lower than that for 2017 if click-fraud applications were not included.

A major addition to this beta is "Bubbles", a new way to multitask and re-engage with apps. Android Oreo added a command line interface and native support for Sony's OMS theme framework, though Google restricted access to custom overlays in Android Pie because the feature wasn't intended for users. These updates can only be installed on Android powered smartphones and there is a simple trick that Android users need to do in order to make their smartphones eligible for APK update.

The impact of those downloaded outside of Google Play is much higher than Google Play's downloads. While Android Lollipop had a PHA rate of 0.65 percent, newer versions of its operating system such as Android 9 had a PHA rate of just 0.18 percent. They also featured the interesting Active Edge, which let you squeeze the sides of the phones to trigger the Google Assistant.

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