American Abducted in Ugandan National Park

Mgahinga National Park the place of interest to investigators

Mgahinga National Park the place of interest to investigators

They are hoping the gunmen do not cross into Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, which is just 18 kilometers from the kidnap scene and stretches into Congo.

Polly Namaye, Uganda deputy police spokesperson said the kidnappers using the victim's phone have demanded 500,000 USA dollars.

He said the tourist and his driver were driven along the border points according telephone mast picked when they called close associates of the victims in demand for a ransom of USA $500,000, equivalent to Shs1.85 billion.

Armed anti-poaching forces, along with Ugandan law enforcement and military, are the only armed personnel permitted to patrol the area, and multiple sources told CBS News that tourists are unlikely to ever see such forces on a tour. "Local security forces are responding to the incident".

Bashir Hangi, a spokesman for the Uganda Wildlife Authority, told Reuters that tourists in the park are not supposed to partake in game drives without an armed ranger but that this group "went out on their own without a guard". "They should have notified us and informed us that they're going out for a game drive and then we would have availed them a guard, but they didn't do this".

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"Joint security teams cut off all exit areas between Uganda and the DRC in search of the victims", the police statement added, warning the group may still be in the park. Ugandan police say this is "the first incident of this kind" in the national park. The park is near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and adjacent to Virunga National Park, where two British tourists were held hostage by Congolese rebels in May 2018.

An American tourist has been kidnapped in Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth National Park, one of the East African nation's most famous wildlife reserves, runs along the frontier with conflict-wracked regions of DR Congo, bordering its famous Virunga national park, the oldest in Africa.

Uganda earns about $1.3 billion per year from tourism. The park reopened in February; weeks later another ranger was killed. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit each year.

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