Britain issues post-Brexit passports… before actually leaving the EU

UK Issues Passports Without ‘European Union’ On Cover

United Kingdom issues passports without European Union title ahead of Brexit

"We're still in the EU - Why doesn't my new passport reflect that?"

It's a pre-emptive move, even though the contentious Brexit is now delayed and no clear date has been set when Britain will leave the bloc.

Brexit has been delayed but it hasn't stopped new versions of British passports being issued.

Steve Rowe, who was pleased to receive one of the old passports after 30 March, said: "I received my new passport this week with a start date of 1 April, happy to say it still says European Union; I think we'll still be discussing Brexit when it runs out in 2029". March 30 was the original date set by the enacting of Article 50 for the exit of Britain from the European Union.

Britain was set to leave the European Union on March 29 but has been forced to delay its exit amid political paralysis in Westminster over the terms of the divorce deal.

"In order to use leftover stock and achieve best value for the taxpayer, passports that include the words "European Union" will continue to be issued for a short period", a spokeswoman said.

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The travel documents had dark blue covers from 1921, but Britain switched to burgundy from 1988, in common with other passports in what was then the European Community.

Susan Hindle Barone tweeted that she was "truly appalled" when she received her passport on Friday without the European Union label.

But the other 27 members must give unanimous backing to any further postponement and are increasingly impatient at the paralysis in Westminster.

Both passports remain equally valid for travel, the Home Office said, and a new blue passport design would be rolled out from late 2019.

Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell, who had campaigned to bring the blue passport back, said the change amounted to a Christmas present "to those who care about our national identity, drawing the ire of a few constituents who ironically questioned whether the new design would allow them to work in neighboring countries".

Mr Tusk has proposed a longer time frame, urging the 27 remaining European Union nations to offer the United Kingdom a flexible extension of up to a year to make sure the nation does not leave the bloc in a way that could undermine commerce.

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