TowerPostNews: Abducted American Tourist, Ugandan Driver Found Alive

Facebook page in September 2012

Facebook page in September 2012

A U.S. woman and her driver, kidnapped last week at gunpoint by a group of men in a Uganda national park, have been rescued from their captors.

Both are in "good health", according to police.

The American woman who was kidnapped while on safari in Uganda has reportedly been returned after the ransom her captures demanded was paid.

What remains unknown for now is how much was paid to the kidnappers to rescue the duo and who paid the ransom. Inset is the tour guide Jean Paul.

Four kidnappers stopped a group of tourists at gunpoint around dusk on Tuesday as they drove through the Queen Elizabeth National Park on safari to see wild animals.

Mr Bashir Hangi, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) spokesperson, on Sunday told Daily Monitor that the abductees had been found before promising to provide more details later.

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Queen Elizabeth National Park runs along part of the country's border with DR Congo.

After the kidnapping, police officials had said that a group of four gunmen "put the tourists on gun point, and grabbed two out of four tourists, before disappearing with them".

They were traveling in a motor vehicle Reg No UAR 777E of World Frontiers Safaris Uganda with an elderly couple, also tourists.

Kidnappings in Uganda's protected areas are rare.

Kim Sue Endicott and her tour guide, Jean-Paul Mirenge Remezo, were freed in a negotiated handover. The abductors had been using Endicott's phone to negotiate her release and were in contact with authorities almost everyday, officials said.

Uganda's joint security forces would later be dispatched to reinforce the security teams at Queen Elizabeth national park. It borders the famous Virunga national park, the oldest in Africa.

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