Fortnite's Reboot Van lets you bring back eliminated teammates

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Fortnite is getting Reboot Vans which work exactly like Apex Legends' respawns

Reboot Cards are also coming in as a new item, which a player drops when dying. They need to get a hold of reboot cards from their dead teammates for respawning them.

However, an audio cue and giant light beam will be emitted from the Fortnite Reboot Van that you are using in order to alert enemy players in the surrounding area that a respawn is now taking place. Once used, the van will be on cooldown and can not be used again for an undetermined amount of time.

Fortnite update 8.30 is just around the corner, and Epic has announced one of its highlight features via a Dev Update video. The start of Fortnite Season 8 at the end of February introduced a ping system to the game, and shortly after players started noticing what appeared to be non-functioning respawn vans dotted around the map, which hinted that this feature was imminent. The reboot vans though are not effective at all times as they can not be used for a certain duration of time after being used for respawning. To resurrect them, all you need to do is collect the card and take it to a Reboot Van. You can bring eliminated team members back into the game.

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Reboot vans will arrive with patch 8.30, expected to drop on April 11th.

Fortnite will get Reboot Vans next week in the v8.30 update - and yes, this is the respawn mechanic that's been showing up in leaks and teasers for ages.

Players will be able to find Reboot Vans spread out around main points of interest in Fortnite's island. Epic has confirmed that this feature will be part of the upcoming update. But in the next big update to the game, you will no longer have to sit out the rest of the match, twiddling your thumbs. Epic Games is promising a $US40 million prize pool for the event, but competitive game modes use slightly different rulesets than standard battle royale matches.

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