Trump tells GOP Jewish conference Democrats would 'leave Israel out there'

Trump warns US Jews Democratic victory could leave Israel isolated

Trump: History Lesson Led to Golan Heights Decision

"You're not going to support me because I don't want your money", Trump said then.

Mr Trump had threatened to fire Ms Nielsen and she has previously considered resigning, but officials at the time recognised there were no obvious successors in place.

Trump then adopted a deep voice, saying, "I am very fearful for my life, I am very anxious that I will be accosted if I'm sent back home" to impersonate a hypothetical migrant.

"The 'coyotes" know perfectly well this situation of waiting and despair, and that means they increase the costs to make [illegal] crossings across the border, ' said Óscar Misael Hernández, a site faculty member, according to Mexican news outlet El Diario.

"I have confidence that Kevin will do a great job!" he tweeted.

Trump, who typically demands short, sharp briefings and is known for his colorful retelling of stories, said Friedman was shocked, "like a wonderful, attractive baby", and asked the president if he would actually do it. Patrick Shanahan has held the post of acting defence secretary since the former secretary, Jim Mattis, was pushed out in December over criticism of the president's Syria withdrawal plans. "If you think of it, for so many years she has represented her country, she has really never made a mistake".

Nipsey Hussle to have massive memorial at Staples Center
Despite his attempt to clarity, fans, rappers and a Los Angeles radio station came out against the artist who is now accused of raping a SC high school student.

There have been persistent tensions between the White House and Nielsen nearly from the moment she became secretary, after her predecessor, John Kelly, became the White House chief of staff in 2017. "Unlike other presidents, I keep my promises". During a gaggle with reporters on the White House driveway Monday, Gidley scolded reporters for focusing on the "palace intrigue" surrounding Nielsen's departure, and objected when a reporter called Nielsen the "face of the crisis" along the border.

The threat was referred to the US Capitol Police, who launched a probe in coordination with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Justice Department said. During the government shutdown over Trump's insistence for funding for a border wall, Nielsen's standing inside the White House even appeared to rise.

Trump's decision to speak at the meeting comes as Israel has been in the forefront of the news in recent weeks.

Agents on the border detained almost twice as many migrants - 268,044 - in the first five months of the fiscal year that started in October 2018 than were detained in the same period the previous year, numbers reported in March indicated. She also appealed to people to "talk policy, not personal".

She also advocated for strong cybersecurity defence and often said she believed the next major terror attack would occur online - not by planes or bombs. She was tasked with helping states secure elections following Russian interference during the 2016 election. Right now there is space for about 3,000 families, and facilities are at capacity.

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