6 states under blizzard warnings as residents prepare for April snow storm

Potential Winter Storm For SE Wyoming Wednesday

Spring snowstorm to drop heavy wet snow on northern Maine

The latest forecast calls for a winter storm that could produce "heavy snow" buildup and blizzard conditions across the Plains and Midwest starting Tuesday evening.

The National Weather Service's Weather Prediction Center said the storm system will move over the Rockies and into the Northern Plains by Wednesday night, bringing heavy and wet snow to the region. There's a storm on the way that's going to remind Midwesterners that winter's never over till it's over. Forecasters in New Mexico said the winds also would make travel hard on north-south oriented roads such as Interstate 25.

"This is a unsafe storm!"

A number of areas could get thundersnow; strong winds and snow will create treacherous conditions with limited visibility.

In the warmer air to the south, severe weather could break out Wednesday afternoon and evening in parts of Kansas and Nebraska.

Schools and government agencies, including El Paso County offices, are closing early. Blizzard warnings were also posted for southeastern Wyoming, including Cheyenne, from Wednesday into Thursday.

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To put it in context (and perhaps, on a list of reasons why Cleveland weather isn't that bad): at this time of year, 80 degree days followed by snow is normal for Denver. A portion of southwestern Minnesota, extending northward to Stearns County, is under a blizzard warning from 7 p.m. Wednesday through 7 a.m. Friday.

Airlines, including Delta, United and Frontier, have offered travel waivers for customers in the path of the storm. By Wednesday night, the Mile High City will see temperatures in the 20s and a blizzard.

The storm was bringing snow to an area stretching from Colorado and into Montana. Flood stage is 13 feet, and the boat ramp at Aitkin City Park begins to flood when the river reaches that level.

"That would be a heavy, wet snow" North Dakota Gov. Tim Walz said during a Tuesday press conference.

"We'll go 2 - 6" for Denver at this time and count on a relatively quick changeover in the city.

The weather phenomenon with a complex scientific definition essentially entails a rapid drop in air pressure and a storm strengthening explosively. And that's just what mid-April is bringing to millions of people in the West and Midwest, with more than 40 million Americans under wind-related advisories and millions more expecting heavy snow. The flooding also damaged or destroyed hundreds of miles of roads and dozens of buildings, disrupted water supplies to thousands and prompted the governor to send in the National Guard, the Associated Press reports. Many crested last week causing major flooding across the Twin Cities and other areas of the state.

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