Anthony Davis Discusses Trade Request, End of Pelicans' Season, T-Shirt Choice

New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis wears his

Is Anthony Davis Sending Pelicans Message With Shirt Choice Ahead Of Season Finale?

When New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis finally broke his silence and requested a trade earlier this season, there was no doubt the fallout from his request would impact a number of teams.

The future is uncertain. "Well, I heard some stuff actually".

Davis also said that he loved his time playing in New Orleans. I know that it's a possibility that next year I could be here as well.

The six-time All-Star said he is eager to see whom the Pelicans hire as GM and to meet with that person. The second half of the season was very awkward for AD and the New Orleans. "It's something that I will definitely hold in my heart forever, but the next step is waiting on the Pelicans [to fill] that GM job". Davis, speaking for himself but also perhaps the entire world, said "I have no idea what's going on over there". He said he never considered how wearing it might be perceived, adding, "It doesn't matter to me". "It was hanging for me already when I put my clothes on, so". With that being said, it's not as believable that a 26-year-old grown man doesn't have any say over his wardrobe.

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Davis, who said he didn't know who hung the shirt for him to wear, said he was a big Looney Tunes fan growing up, with "That's all Folks" being Porky Pig's sign-off for the cartoon. The fans always supported was an incredible time here.

"Really excited", Holiday asserted when asked to share his thoughts about what has the making of a busy off-season for the Pelicans, who appear to be on the cusp of hiring a new general manager.

When he did play, it was rarely for much more than 20 minutes a game.

"(I haven't seen a situation) this toxic, no.

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