Trump touts tax cuts with Tax Day trip

Trump en route to the Twin Cities for tax event

Trump touts tax cuts with Tax Day trip

While we can now see a black hole that is 55 million light years away, Congress still can't see Trump's tax returns and millions of taxpayers saw a reduced tax refund or a tax bill instead of a refund, when filing returns to meet yesterday's April 15 deadline for the first time under Trump's new tax system.

President Donald Trump says he's celebrating Tax Day.

There's "no question" that the advantages for businesses from the tax plan have just begun to kick in, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told Fox Business on April 15. He said many Americans are getting an extra $2,000 a year in tax cuts and others are getting "much more".

Tax payer's can also apply to settle for a smaller amount or request a temporary delay in payment from the IRS. In October, a New York Times investigation found that for years Trump engaged in schemes created to avoid taxes - some of which might have been illegal - as he became wealthy from his father's real estate empire.

Those disparities, and anecdotes about taxpayers getting hit by certain provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, is sparking debate about whether the tax overhaul is delivering the benefits promised by GOP lawmakers. "That tax bill should have been a bill that would have not only brought some taxes down for working people but also could have funded a major infrastructure investment".

Companies were also winners in the scenario as a result of slashing the corporate tax rate to make the US more competitive with other countries.

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Minnesota, which gave the country Vice Presidents Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale, both Democrats, hasn't given its 10 electoral votes to a Republican since Richard Nixon in 1972.

The tax breaks for these 4 companies could pay for health insurance for more than two-thirds of the 3.8 million children in the US still left uninsured.

A Trump opponent welcomed the president to Burnsville with a sign that said: "Demand Trump's Tax Returns and a List of his Creditors". An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll last week showed that most Americans didn't think they even got a tax cut.

More evidence came from a report by tax preparer H&R Block on Thursday that said Americans were undergoing a "confusing tax experience" this season. It doubled the standard deduction and enhanced the child tax credit. He says he won't release the returns because he's being audited by the IRS though the agency says an audit bars no one from making their returns public.

Now that Trump's been told that his suggested use of water tankers would have collapsed Notre Dame Cathedral, he may instead have them fly over the Capitol when the House and Ways Committee is in session.

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